Trade Enquiries

If you are a pub, shop or business then you can look to get our beer at a trade price. This page will be updated with the beers that are currently available or in the pipeline. For our Kegs we currently sell 30ltr Kegstar with Sankey Fittings with Casks in a more limited stock.

Currently Available

Kegs & Cask

New in


We have 30ltr Kegstar Sankey Fittings

Limited availability on Cask (sold out – For Lazy Rider)



If interested then drop us your details below and we will send you our introductory offer or just drop us a call on:

0191 607 5852



Cases of x24 Cans available – see eebria

  • Session beer exploding with Northern and Southern hemisphere hops at 8g a litre.
  • Delivers tropical notes of mango, tangerine and apricot juice.
  • Robust body of local Golden Promise barley malt oats and wheat.
  • A well-rounded bitterness ties it all together.
  • Unfiltered, unfined and vegan friendly.
  • 5p per can goes towards funding ocean clean-up programmes.
  • Available in keg and cask by request.

Donations from every pint goes towards cleaning the oceans – Learn More